CND™ SHELLAC® is America’s #1 Salon Gel Polish Brand and THE original gel polish that revolutionized the nail industry. Innovated by world leader in professional nail products and services CND™, this patented technology consists of a system including a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat, along with the CNDLED Lamp.

The thin and flexible formula provides natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping, and is fully removable, requiring no soaking, roughing or filing of the natural nail. As the preferred brand by Nail Professionals, CND™ SHELLAC® is available in 160+ trend-setting shades, with new colour launches each season that can be layered together to make infinite options!


CND™ SHELLAC® has a patented BREATHABLE formula. Many consumers believe that the “semi-permanent” prevents the nails from “breathing”. The truth is that nails, made up of layers of keratin, when lacquered, are more protected and less prone to brittleness and breakage. The word BREATHABLE means “breathable”: the CND™ Shellac® semi-permanent nail polish not only protects the nails for weeks, but also allows a fundamental circulation, i.e. it allows air to enter and humidity to leave, keeping the nails hydrated and healthy. Not only. The patented BREATHABLE formula of SHELLAC™ acts as a “highway” to convey useful products such as CND™ SolarOil® which hydrates natural nails while penetrating, or even in the removal phase, for the passage of CND™ Offly Fast™, so that this takes place in a quick and delicate method.