Weakened or damaged nails? CND™ to the rescue! The global leader in professional nail care and maker of CND™ SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color brings you the next revolution in nail repair with CND™ RescueRXx™ Daily Keratin Treatment.

CND Co-Founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold, says “At CND™ we are all about maintaining the health of the natural nail. We’re excited to introduce this highly effective new treatment with jojoba oil and keratin proteins. These proteins bond to the natural nail to strengthen while restoring moisture. With continued use, RescueRXx™ dramatically reduces peeling and white spots for healthier, more beautiful nails!”

For best results, apply to bare natural nails twice daily, massaging into the entire nail, nail edge and cuticle. Use for up to 4 weeks for optimal results.

Keratin Protein: 
A main component of the natural nail, solubilised keratin proteins bond to the natural nail to help strengthen the nail plate.

Jojoba Oil: A light penetrating oil that conditions the nail plate and surrounding skin to deliver the moisturising benefit.

Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturises and softens the skin.

RescueRXx™ is the perfect retail product to help your clients with damaged nails return with healthy, strong nails, ready for their next service!

No doubt you have some questions about this latest innovation. CND has compiled a list of FAQ’s to help you find the answers.

1. Does RescueRXx™ contain natural keratin?

  • Yes

2. Where does the keratin come from?

  • The keratin comes from sheep’s wool, and is cruelty free.

3. What type of nail damage does RescueRXx™ treat?

  • RescueRXx™ is designed to treat cracking, peeling, splitting nails and white spots.

4. How often should I use RescueRXx™

  • For best results, RescueRXx™ should be used at least two times daily on clean, bare nails.

5. How quickly will I see results?

  • In clinical testing, 80% of people observed improvement after the first week of use.

6. What type of results can be expected with use of RescueRXx™?

  • After four weeks, clinical testing showed a 73% decrease in splitting and 80% decrease in peeling.

7. Does RescueRXx™ penetrate through nail enhancements like BRISA™ and RETENTION+™?

  • No, RescueRXx™ does not penetrate through nail enhancements.

8. Does RescueRXx™ work on all types of nail concerns?

  • No, RescueRXx™ will not work on all nail concerns. It will only work on thin, weak, splitting, peeling nails or nails with white patches. It will not address nail fungus, nail growth or any other nail concerns.

9. Can I use RescueRXx™ during my manicure service?

  • Yes, however your client will not see any immediate results.

10. How many applications are there per bottle?

  • There are approximately 160 applications per 15ml bottle.

11. Can RescueRXx™ be used on toe nails?

  • Absolutely!

12. How do I know when to recommend RescueRXx™ vs SOLAROIL™?

  • SOLAROIL™ is a maintenance product designed to keep nails healthy and maintain suppleness. RescueRXx™ is for damaged, weakened nails that require treatment. Think of SOLAROIL™ as a daily conditioner and RescueRXx™ as a deep treatment hair mask.

13. Does RescueRXx™ help nails grow faster?

  • No RescueRXx™ will not cause nails to grow faster. It will however, help prevent nails from premature breakage as the nail strength improves.

14. What causes nail damage?

  • Damage to the natural nail is frequently caused by mechanical wear, such as scraping, picking or over filing or buffing, and can be caused by environmental factors. CND recommends receiving nail services only from a trained professional.

15. What is RescueRXx™?

  • RescueRXx™ is a keratin treatment designed to repair weakened or damaged nails. The treatment with jojoba oil and almond oil carries keratin proteins which bond to the natural nail to help strengthen while restoring moisture. With continued use, RescueRXx™ dramatically reduces peeling and white spots for healthier, more beautiful nails.

16. How does RescueRXx™ work?

  • RescueRXx™ with jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, deposits keratin to weakened, damaged nails to help restore strength and moisture.


RESCUERXx™ is available from your Authorised CND Distributor beginning March 2015. To locate, please see our Distributor Locator.